Danny's Contribution Deemed Invaluable


As apart of National Volunteer Week, Touch Football Australia have recongised those integral volunteers via their website and social media channels. Alliance Open Men’s Head Coach, Danny Goodwin was recognised for his input to the sport we love!

Alliance Men’s Head Coach, Danny Goodwin has been involved in the sport of touch football since 1996. Danny first began as a player and referee in the local Touch Football ACT domestic competitions. Over the past 19 years, Danny has displayed many of the TFA values that has seen him become both a successful player, referee and coach.

Danny has contributed a large amount of time to the development and growth of touch football in the ACT. For many years, Danny contributed his time to the coaching of several school teams based in the ACT. Through his coaching at these schools, Danny was able to drive the development of the first Under 18’s competition in the ACT. This competition bought a number of developing players to the sport who filtered into the ACT Clubs. A number of these players have gone on to represent the ACT, Alliance and Australia.

Danny has also contributed his time to the development of Touch Football ACT competitions. This has included the many hours committed to coaching numerous domestic teams’ right through to the North Canberra Bears in the ACT Premier League and Super League competitions. This commitment has both been time and financially.

His commitment and passion has seen Danny progress through the coaching ranks. His hard work and dedication saw him become a part of the coaching staff during the Crusaders era, appointed coach of numerous NYC and NTL teams and finally become a prominent figure in the coaching of the Alliance Elite 8 teams and Australian Youth and National teams. This success is on the back of Danny’s own time and money where he travelled to many Australian camps, Youth World Cups, Trans-Tasman tournaments and World Cups in order to observe and learn from the best coaches to not only develop as a coach himself, but to bring back the development to the ACT.

Through the years, Danny has displayed the utmost integrity for the sport of touch football. This has been demonstrated by Danny’s commitment to become a selector. His fair and honest approach began with the selecting of the various touring ACT school teams. His approach to selecting also seen him be asked to help select a number ACT sides, Crusader teams and eventually Australian teams.

Danny’s high number of qualifications and achievements speak for themselves In relation to his committed to the sport, however his willingness to assist someone in the sport is often overlooked. Danny is always happy to go and pick someone up if they cannot make it to the games or if a player or team cannot enter a competition, he has been willing to help sponsor them to ensure everyone has a fair go.

Summary of Achievements

» Level 3 Referee

» Level 2 Selector

» ACT Schools Coach

» Coached North Canberra / Canberra City at every age level

» Coached for Defence

» Coached for Crusaders – Women’s 18’s, 20’s, Open and Mixed

» Coached Australia Cup teams

» Coached for ACT state level- Women’s 18’s, 20’s, Open and Mixed

» Coached (Assistant) Australian teams- Women’s 18’s & 20’s

» Coached (Assistant) NSW- Women’s 20’s in State of Origin

» Coached Alliance- Women’s Open and Men’s Open

» Coached Australian – Women’s 27’s in 2015 World Cup

» Life member of North Canberra Touch Club